Guide to prepping bulky items for your NY move

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    Moving was always hard, complicated, costly, and time-consuming. And this is mostly because of the robust items you must relocate. Of course, there are other moving tasks that can make it quite difficult as well. You must organize, cover packing, sort out legalities, set aside the right budget, and find reliable movers NYC to NJ. But probably the hardest part is to get all your bulky items out of your home and into the moving truck. This is where your moving company comes in. But before they take over, you must prepare everything. So, today we will be prepping bulky items for a safe and successful relocation.

    Prepping bulky items and the plan behind it

    Prepping bulky items for the relocation is essentially a two-step process. You will inspect your items, and then apply the adequate packing materials to get them ready for moving. So, the first step is to inspect your home and locate all bulky items. Place them on a moving checklist and after you are done, you can start searching for packing materials. But while inspecting your home, make sure to pay attention to all narrow corridors, hallways, doors, floors, and staircases. Make sure it is a safe place to work in and create a plan on how to get all those items out of your home.

    a couple prepping bulky items and creating a moving checklist
    Inspect all your items and list them on your moving checklist.

    Once you have it all on your moving checklist, you can start looking for residential movers New York. They must know how many bulky items you have and how hard it will be. That is why this process is important and you should cover it thoroughly.

    Who will relocate your bulky items?

    As we have already mentioned, you will most probably use the services of a local moving company. We can cut your search short by recommending Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage as one of the best choices on the market. But if you would like to scout the internet and find a specific moving company, go ahead. Just make sure they have all the moving services you need as well as the safety standards and moving insurance. They surely must have licenses and permits to operate as well. Hence, sit down, go online, and implement your search criteria. Within an hour you will find a match. Once you do, give them a call, and communicate further. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, move on to the next company until you find an eligible one.

    Choose the right set of moving services

    When relocating bulky items, you must ensure you have all the professional help you need. This means you must purchase the right set of moving services and hire an adequate moving team. The best example is that you will hire corporate or commercial movers NY in case you are moving your business with you as well. The same goes for specific items like a piano. If you have one, you must enlist professional piano movers to do the job right. So, you must communicate this part beforehand and let your movers know what kind of items you have. After you realize the complexity of the move and create a moving plan together, it will be much easier and safer. But if you have inspected your home and created a moving checklist, this part will be much easier.

    movers taking the couch out of the home
    Make sure you are hiring the right moving team to take care of your bulky items.

    How to protect your bulky items?

    The next step is the most important one. To secure the safety of your bulky items, you must purchase the right set of moving supplies. Obviously, you will purchase a whole batch to cover the entire packing process. You will need cardboard boxes, adhesive tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, and labels. But let us focus on the most important ones for the bulky items you possess. Probably all the bulky items you have are furniture, appliances, and electronics. There are a few exceptions but we are sure you will manage and secure them in the same way.

    So, after you purchase your packing materials from local movers New York or the nearest hardware store, you can begin this process. Keep in mind you might need a bit more plastic wrap, tarps, sheets, and blister packs depending on the number of bulky items you are moving.

    As for the preparation, you should begin with inspecting to realize if any of the pieces is worth removing, refurbishing, or repairing. Then, clean each piece inside out and be mindful of electronics and appliances. Always remove the power source first. Lastly, secure the doors on your fridge, wardrobes, and similar pieces with a strap or a high-quality rope. After you are done, wrap each piece individually in bubble wrap to protect it against bumps and scratching. And keep in mind that movers offer packing services so they can do this instead of you. It is affordable and convenient. Think about it in case your items are too hard to handle.

    Declutter while prepping bulky items for the upcoming relocation

    Each time you relocate you should cover the downsizing and decluttering processes. It is a healthy way to remove all old, unused, broken, or simply outdated items from your home. This way you will make your relocation cheaper and have more space in your new apartment at the same time. So, while checking out your belongings, pay close attention to the old bulky items you might not need anymore. Set them aside and figure out how to dispose of them. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to do it right. Check out the following:

    • Organize a yard sale.
    • Sell online.
    • Donate to charities.
    • Recycle.
    • Throw away.
    a woman decluttering
    Inspect your garage, basement, and attic. We are sure you have items to get rid of.

    You can choose one of the solutions or use a storage unit to keep everything until you figure out a more permanent solution. But whatever you choose, make sure you do it. We are aware that there is no time to cover everything. But keep in mind that you’ll have fewer items to pack if you do this one right. Therefore, declutter like a pro and make your relocation more efficient.

    Ask friends to assist

    If you by any chance decide on relocating by yourself, you should ask friends to help you move. Or even if you are using the services of a moving company, you can still use an extra pair of hands. Your friends, relatives, coworkers, or neighbors can help a lot. Of course, they shouldn’t lift heavy objects if they do not know how to do it. But they can always run errands and help you with minor tasks. Yes, they can assist with packing all the way from the beginning until the end. That is if they have the time to do it. And if your friends have the knowledge and experience with moving, then even better. They can assist you with prepping bulky items and even moving them from your home to the moving truck. Just make sure you reward them for a job well done.

    Prepping bulky items is not so hard as it seems. You are ready to undertake this task and complete it like a pro. As long as you find a reliable moving company to take care of the heavy lifting, you’ll be just fine. Good luck and stay safe.

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