Guide to preparing for a last-minute move in NYC

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    Moving is a very complex process as you need to think about the tiniest details, which takes a lot of time. Usually, you would plan everything out while taking your time to think about everything thoroughly. Especially in NYC, you need to be more than well organized. But what happens with preparing for a last-minute move in NYC? Follow this simple Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage guide and prepare for your move in the easiest way possible. Last-minute moves can happen because you found out about it late and had no other choice. Or simply you’ve been postponing it for too long that you are now in a hurry. No matter what the case is, rest assured that planning the move quickly but efficiently is something that is possible to do.

    Contact the moving companies first

    When you are preparing for a last-minute move in NYC, knowing that you are in a pinch can create a lot more pressure than planning normally would. Everything seems a lot more difficult and harder to do. But overthinking everything won’t get you anywhere. Try to stay as calm as possible, that’s the only way to get out of this problem. Since you are in a hurry, you won’t have much time to carefully choose the moving company yourself. That’s why contacting local movers New York will be of great help to you, they will offer you some of the best options for movers. It is important to start here so you can plan the rest of your move.

    The organization is crucial in preparing for a last-minute move in NYC

    Making a plan is key to every successful move. You cannot simply just do things without any certain order, so you must make a list of things that you need to do. Create a list that fits your needs and everyday lifestyle. Arrange the things that need to do in this order: what you need to finish right away, what you need to finish in a few days, and what you need to finish on the day of the move. For example, if you are moving your business and have a lot of electronic equipment you can put hiring commercial movers NY somewhere on the top of your list.

    Writing a plan in a notebook while preparing for a last-minute move in NYC
    Making a detailed plan of your move will help you stay organized

    You won’t remember everything that needs to be done while you are making a plan and preparing for your last-minute move in NYC. Just add things the moment you remember them. This will help you go through a less stressful and exhausting move because you will have everything planned out.

    Throw away the things you don’t use anymore

    This might be one of the hardest tasks people encounter when moving. We all have things in our houses we barely use or don’t use at all anymore. We think we might need them sometime again, although we know it’s not true. It’s simply hard to get rid of them if they have a connection to some good memories or you just don’t like throwing things away. But in this case of a last-minute move, you need to be fast and efficient, there is no place for unnecessary luggage so you need to be practical. If you are hiring movers NYC to NJ, moving unnecessary stuff will only make things harder. Think of it this way- you won’t have to deal with unpacking and storing them later and finding a place for them when you need the space for more important things. This is a new beginning so it’s best to start fresh

    Pack the essentials first

    As we mentioned before, moving is a very complex process. You can organize everything well and unpleasant events can still happen. Which means things can get lost, broken, etc. That is why you need to pack your essentials first. Think of the most important things you need and pack them before your residential movers New York come to pick them up. When you have them all in one place like this, it will also come in handy while unpacking, all there and ready to use right away.

    brown leather clothes and macbook
    Pack the essentials separately so you can use them as soon as you move to your new place

    Some of the things that you should pack into your essential bag are:

    • Medication
    • Important documents
    • Gadgets
    • Some clothes
    • Tissues, wipes

    Don’t put too much thought into packing

    When moving under these conditions, you don’t have that much time to organize what goes in where. You need to put different things into the same boxes together as long as they fit. Forget about looking for bubble wrap. You can use towels and soft fabric for wrapping breakable things, secure them well and you’re all set.

    Trash bags instead of boxes

    It might not be the most appealing thing to the eye to see all your things packed into trash bags, but it’s convenient. Instead of putting yourself through the trouble of finding boxes, especially for items that are not breakable, use trash bags instead. It’s pretty simple to pack them too, just throw stuff in there, secure them well and you’re all good. Trash bags usually hold very well, but still, be careful while choosing the brand. Pick the ones of trash bags of better quality just to be sure nothing will fall out.

    woman holding a yellow plastic bag
    Use trash bags for a cheaper, faster, and more efficient move

    Seek help from your family and friends

    Moving is a big deal and something that can hardly be done by only one person. Ask your friends and family for help. They can help you out with some harder tasks that require more strength and people. This way you will be partially relieved from stress because you know you are not alone in this and have someone to help you out. That also counts as emotional support in a way. When you finish the packing or after you move you can treat them to something they like as a way of saying thanks.

    Now that you’ve read through this article you are ready to start preparing for a last-minute move in NYC. Again, bear in mind that moving is a very exhausting process so it’s important to also take care of yourself and rest as much as you can. Good luck with the new chapter in your life!

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