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Moving can be a very demanding process, but at the same time, there are many ways to make it simpler and easier for you. One way to do that is to have a proven and reliable company like Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage by your side. And also, organization and a lot of planning can bring you a lot of relief. Also, moving can cause a lot of stressful situations. Of which, for example, the most stressful can be the loss of your belongings, damage, difficulties with packing, etc. So, the best solution in those situations is an inventory list that will give you a clear insight into the quantity and number of your things. That’s why today we will going to reveal you a guide to making inventory for your NYC movers. Take a look and make this job easier for you!

Why do you need an inventory list for your NYC movers?

First, we will start with what is an inventory list. So, this represents a type of document that will give your movers an insight into the valuables in your home, their condition, estimated value, as well as the number of things you want to pack and move. Also, this list is used in situations where you rent your home or house. And it allows you to easily and simply determine whether something from your home is missing, lost, or damaged. Based on this list, you will be able to compensate for the damage based on the estimated value of the specific object.

Couple making making inventory for your NYC movers
Making inventory for your NYC movers can be of great help in various situations during the move.

In situations when it comes to moving, a house inventory list will help you in many situations. Primarily, residential movers New York will make it easier for you to see the amount and number of things you need to move. Based on this, they will be able to determine the approximate price of your moving, the amount of necessary packaging, time, as well as the value of your property for the purpose of disposal. Also, with the help of this list, at the end of your move, you will be able to see if something is missing. And as we said, you will be able to compensate for the damage. Therefore, don’t think that this is a difficult job, because it will be useful to you if the mentioned situations occur.

Guide to making inventory for your NYC movers

Before we start, we want to tell you once again that this isn’t a difficult job, and it’s one of the tasks when it comes to organization and planning. And at the same time, by making this list, you will make it easy for you and for your local movers New York the whole process of packing. Therefore, take a look at this simple guide that we have prepared for you:

  1. Set aside one day just for this job, so that you have enough time to carefully list all the items in your home.
  2. Make a list for each room in your home separately.
  3. Write down the market value, brand, and serial number, as well as the purchase invoice number if you have one.
  4. For every item in your home, painstaking photos.
  5. Before you go to another room, check everything one more time.
  6. Transfer the list and photos to your PC, make several copies, email them to your moving company and print a copy for you and the NYC movers.
living room
Make an inventory list for every room in your house, for all items you want to move with you.

Isn’t it hard? Of course not. All it takes is some time and patience. Also, when it comes to commercial moving, more precisely moving your home office or commercial space commercial movers NY will thank you if you make this list. And also, this list plays an important role in all commercial processes.

Before you start making an inventory list for your movers sort everything!

Also, sorting is one of the important steps. Because before you start creating your inventory, it’s very important to sort your things. More precisely, this step involves separating all the things you want to move with you. Because listing absolutely everything from your home is futile. For the reason that in every home there is something that is superfluous. Especially when it comes to moving long distances or to another state. Movers NYC to NJ will always advise you to consider whether you will really move all your things with you. Because sometimes it won’t pay off.

The distance between NYC and NJ is about 80 kilometers, which is an hour’s drive. Also, if you decided to move to NJ, expect a slightly different way of life than the one you lived in NYC. But also cheaper. Because first of all, New Jersey has a 15% lower cost of living compared to NY, which has 95% higher costs compared to the national average. Also, NJ is the second best state to live in, and also one of the best states to live in in 2022, based on education, business opportunities, health services, living standards, and costs.

New Jersey City
New Jersey is the second favorite state to live in the USA.

Get ready for your NYC movers

Before your movers come to your address, it would be great to double-check everything. Go through your inventory lists as well as through your rooms to make sure that you have listed everything, and that you haven’t forgotten anything. After making sure that everything is according to plan, you can start with the next step. And that is to prepare things for packing and start packing clothes and personal belongings. Also, if you are able, you can also prepare your furniture for packing by disassembling it and moving it to the first floor or pushing it to the door. So, in the end, we hope that our guide to making inventory for your NYC movers helped you in this small task. Also, we wish you a lot of success, because we know you can do it!

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