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Whether you think about relocating to Hudson County or you have just relocated, you should get to know it better. There surely are many things you are already familiar with but we are going to mention some pieces of information you may not know. So, take a few minutes to read this text and you will learn some facts about Hudson County. Your life here is surely going to be much simpler and easier once you know what possibilities you have. Plus, if you have children, it will be easier to answer their questions and let them know some interesting things about your new environment.

First things first – let us get familiar with some geographical facts

Hudson County is a very densely populated county in the state of New Jersey. If you are wondering how it got its name, you should know that there was a sea captain Henry Hudson who explored the area in 1609. Of course, the river the county lies west of was named after him as well.

Hudson river and high buildings
Hudson River is going to be between you and Manhattan – you will get to visit it on a daily basis

The largest city in the county is Jersey City – its population is around 293,000. Manhattan is just across the Hudson River, which means that this county has a great position. So, if you have started planning your relocation, make sure you contact NJ movers on time. They are going to organize the entire process while you are learning more about your new hometown.

You will not have to give up on art

If you enjoy going to galleries and seeing different kinds of exhibitions, there is nothing to worry about. You will get to do it here as well. In fact, the Five Corners Branch is a place you will get to visit often. It offers different exhibitions – from traditional sculptures and paintings to modern installations and multimedia pieces. In addition to this, the gallery also hosts different events. You will get to be a part of lectures, workshops, and performances. As you can see, one thing is certain – you are not going to get bored here. So, start thinking about what else you can visit and see.

One of the facts about Hudson County is that its synonym is diversity

If you want to relocate to a community that is known for its diversity, Jersey City movers advise you to relocate here. Your neighbors are going to be people with different cultures, different races, and different countries. As a matter of fact, you should know that it is possible to hear over 100 different languages in this area. This means that the culture in this county is quite unique and vibrant.

People of different races holding hands
One of the facts about Hudson County you will love is that it is a synonym for diversity

You are going to love living here in case you like experiencing something new every day. Hudson County movers are certain that you will not have a hard time leaving your home because you will know that a new day brings new excitement. With this in mind, check which places you are going to visit first, and do not worry about your relocation.

A free library is going to be in your vicinity as well

In case you did not know, Jersey City can offer you a free public library. Local movers NJ think that this is a great resource for the community, especially when you know that there are five regional branches located throughout the city. If you enjoy spending time in a place where you can explore and learn new things, make sure you find the nearest branch. Not only are you going to find here different books and magazines, but you will also get to see different exhibitions and other events. If it happens that you have children, you can be sure that they will also have a lot of fun here.

There is also a Coptic community in Hudson County

Another interesting thing you may not be familiar with when Hudson County is in question is that here you can find the largest Egyptian Coptic community in the U.S. There are around 10,000 Copts living in Jersey City. Of course, there is also the Coptic Church of St. Mark. As a matter of fact, this is the largest Coptic Church in the entire country. The Coptic community is active in different spheres of society. For example, their influence on the city’s politics was highly important when it came to the rights of immigrants and refugees.

Woman in the church
Another place you should visit is the Coptic church of St. Mark

Once you relocate here, you will see that they also contribute a lot to the city’s economy. Now, all that is left for you to do is get in touch with one of the finest Hoboken moving companies. They will make sure your relocation to this community runs smoothly.

Hudson County has a lot to offer

Now that you are familiar with some interesting facts about Hudson County, you know what to expect. So, feel free to start planning your upcoming relocation. It is going to be more than exciting to relocate to Hudson County because you know that you are going to make many new memories and have great experiences. Your movers will help you settle with no great effort and you will start exploring your new environment soon. Do not worry – even if you know no one here, you are going to make new friends before you know it. You are certainly going to enjoy it here because there are many things to see and places to visit. So, start packing your bags – Hudson County is waiting for you.

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