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Relocating an office is something that you want to entrust to experts. You want some of the trustworthy commercial movers NJ offers, with years of experience, as well as great knowledge of the area you will be moving into. Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ has been serving New Jersey and New York areas since 2002, but we have over 50 years of experience in the moving industry. We’ve worked hard to become one of the most trusted commercial moving companies in these areas, as well as in the rest of the country. Our policy is to treat every business individually, getting to know your needs, wishes, and requirements and then executing them with extreme efficiency, integrity, as well as courtesy, and professionalism. Contact us today and allow us to help you make your commercial relocation easier!

People in an office shaking hands after choosing commercial movers NJ has
We offer personalized business relocation solutions.

Experience an effortless relocation with some of the best commercial movers NJ

Our approach to relocations is highly individual. We provide each business we relocate with an extensive moving plan which all but guarantees an easy process. Of course, we use only the top-quality equipment for our services, and our moving crews are highly trained. There is a lot more about us, of course. Feel free to get in touch with our representatives and ask any questions you might have. We are always eager to hear from our customers, both old and new.

Punctuality, efficiency, organization

The three key tenets of a good employee are punctuality, efficiency, and organization. We take these to heart and incorporate them into all of our relocations. Your business transition will be seamless if you have us as your NJ commercial movers. Another thing that we are really strict on are deadlines and schedules. You want your business to resume at a fluid pace to satisfy your clients and investors both.

The way we enable you to do that is by setting a meeting with your managers and staff members to review any critical points in the relocation process, as well as to create a plan of action specific to your situation. You can get a quote as a part of this process, or you can obtain a free estimate from our website. Once the plan is in place, we prepare our moving crews and support staff for everything your relocation entails.

Our commercial movers NJ can handle both local and long-distance relocations

Our moving services are applicable to local NJ commercial relocations, as well as long-distance ones. We work tirelessly to provide amazing service quality to all of our clients, which is why we absolutely demand order and professionalism from our staff. Every move that we execute needs to be as close to perfection as possible. Of course, we will be happy to provide you with further references, all you need to do is contact us.

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Our NJ commercial moving company will pack and label your boxes for you!

"Extremely happy with my move.."

Extremely happy with my move, the guys were absolutely amazing. They worked very hard, fast, organized and they were very nice as well. Jeff the job manager is fun to work with, he is responsible, honest and a hard working guy. Everything went smooth. Special thanks to the owner Ilay who made my move smooth and easy.

Estere Crisona


Packing services for your convenience

Packing an office can be a time-consuming process, one that you might want to entrust to professionals. By doing so, you will free up your staff to continue their work unobstructed while we pack your office equipment. We use quality packing materials for our services and have all the necessary equipment to pack any item. All of your belongings will be perfectly safe before, during, and after the relocation process. All of our crews work efficiently as well as safely, to minimize the disruption to your business operations. Our commercial movers in New Jersey will bring everything that is needed for the process right to your doorstep for maximum convenience.

The art of decluttering is our specialty

Our commitment to excellence begins with the quality of packing materials we use. Your valuable office equipment, from sensitive electronics to important documents, deserves nothing but the best protection. That’s why we employ top-notch packing materials that safeguard your items throughout the relocation process.

But there’s more to packing than just logistics. It’s also an opportunity to embrace the art of decluttering. Before your big move, consider this as a chance to find serenity amidst the chaos of relocation. Our packing services can help you streamline your office belongings, leaving behind what no longer serves your business. This decluttering process not only lightens your load but also allows you to start fresh in your new location. Our experts make the art of decluttering and the science of efficient packing an integral part of our services, ensuring that your office move is not only convenient but also transformational.

Commercial movers NJ carrying boxes
Our commercial movers NJ can help you with every part of your moving process!

We offer a broad range of moving services

As a full-service moving company, we have a variety of moving services for you to choose from. Some of our services include:

But this is by no means a comprehensive list. We offer complete relocation solutions, no matter what kind of service you require. Our team is capable of finding solutions to even the most complicated relocation issues. When you put your trust in one of the most trusted commercial moving companies NJ has, we do not disappoint! Our goal is to be your one-stop-shop, so to say, where relocations are concerned. With over fifty years of moving experience, we are confident that we have everything it takes to help you relocate in a smooth, efficient fashion.

Moving Made Simple Through Strength & Wisdom

You deserve to experience a moving process liberated from stress and our moving company is here to deliver that.


Customized business relocation solutions

At Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ, we understand that every business is unique. Our approach is highly personalized. Some of the best commercial movers NJ has take the time to understand your specific needs, wishes, and requirements. Moreover, we create a comprehensive moving plan tailored to your business, ensuring a seamless and stress-free process.

We can help you prepare your employees for a move

When it comes to office relocation, preparation is key to a successful transition. At Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ, we not only offer top-notch moving services but also understand the importance of getting your employees ready for the big move in New Jersey. Here’s how you can prepare your team for a seamless office move:

  • Open and transparent communication: Start by fostering open and transparent communication with your employees. Share the details of the move, including the reasons behind it, the timeline, and the new location. Encourage your team to ask questions and express their concerns.
  • Appoint a moving coordinator: Designate a moving coordinator within your organization. This person will serve as the liaison between your employees and the moving team at Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ. They can relay important information, assist with logistics, and ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Clarify employee responsibilities: Clearly outline the responsibilities of each employee during the move. Emphasize the importance of decluttering workspaces, packing personal items, and labeling belongings. Establish a timeline for these tasks to keep everyone organized.
  • Conduct training and orientation: Consider organizing training or orientation sessions to acquaint your team with the new office layout, technology, and facilities. This will help them adapt quickly and minimize disruptions to work.
  • Provide supportive resources: Offer support to employees who may need assistance with packing or organizing their workspaces. Provide packing materials and guidelines to simplify the process and reduce stress.
People in a business meeting
Preparing your employees for the move is as crucial as the relocation itself.

Commercial moving to another state and how we can help

Relocating your business internationally involves a unique set of challenges, including legal and licensing steps that can vary from one country to another. At Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Navigating legal and licensing steps for business relocation to NYC

Our experienced team understands the complexities of international business relocation, and we can guide you through the legal and licensing requirements for a business relocation to NYC, ensuring a seamless transition for your enterprise. Whether you’re moving to or from New York City or embarking on an international journey, trust us to navigate the intricacies of global business moves, making the process as smooth as possible.

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Once you have hired our commercial movers NJ, we will easily put a smile on your face!

Moving Made Simple


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If you want your business to start working in your new office as soon as possible, you need quality movers by your side. And that is exactly what Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ is, and much, much more! Our commercial movers NJ will create an extraordinary moving process for your company, ensuring that you get to start working again as soon as possible. Contact us today for a moving process that will have you smiling from start to finish!

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