Commercial move from NYC to NJ- winter edition

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    Brace yourself the winter of 2022 is coming! We’ve all heard on the TV, radio, podcast, and everywhere that this winter is going to be tough. So we at Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage have decided to help you. We’ll share with you some secrets and tips for a successful commercial move from NYC to NJ. It’s understood that the ongoing post-covid inflation is causing a lot of problems, a lot of layoffs, and high prices. Also, the prices of fossil fuels aren’t getting any lower. Because of that, we’ll give you some tips on how to minimize the cost but still make it effective. Let’s dive into this Christmas special “The commercial move of 2022”.

    The best season for a commercial move from NYC to NJ is the winter

    It’s quite common for folks to know that the best and cheapest two seasons for moving are fall and winter. We as one of the best movers NYC to NJ will know this because the average temperate is between −2 and 4 °F which is chilling; thus fewer people and businesses want to move. So if you’re like downsizing or anything the price of storage is also down during the winter and fall. This will also provide you with a better customer experience and greater availability. It makes sense because a lot of movers and storage will be available plus the price is lower than in the summer; summer is the peak of moving and storing.

    DIY move vs hiring a professional moving company to assist you

    Yet another great thing before you start anything is to consider what’ll you do. If you think that keeping your employees during cold winter after work to pack their things is okay, then okay. On the other hand professional, well-trained movers will do it all in no time; while your employees can spend quality time with their families. The best commercial movers NJ can pack an average three-bedroom house in less than three hours; so packing an office will be a piece of cake. So don’t worry about it you’ll be packed and safe to move but if you want to DIY you’ll need to develop a good moving strategy.

    A man holding a box over his head, while two girls standing next to him behind boxes, while thinking about a commercial move from NYC to NJ;
    If you can’t move your office yourself or your workers are too busy hire pros to do it for you.

    Creating a moving plan for the commercial move from NYC to NJ winter edition

    Call your employees and organize them into teams. Start by ordering each employee to empty his office. This part called commercial decluttering should be done by employees; so even if you want pros this should be done by employees themself first. Professional movers can provide you with many other moving services NJ but decluttering is up to you. While doing that use any messaging apps like WhatsApp, Slack, Facebook Messenger, etc. to stay in touch. This will cut a lot of time since you’ll be updated constantly with ongoing progress. Also, it’ll be much easier to coordinate the whole move. This way you’ll also stay avoid any unnecessary trips back and forth (depending on the size of the office and the amount of equipment that you have).

    Decluttering is an important process and if you have some time it’s great for selling some old equipment. You should recycle some of the old things or give them for free to charity. If you have any leftover food make a goodbye party or donate it to a homeless shelter. After that, you should consider selling some of the items online (like an old printer) or simply throwing them away.

    A group of people planning on the table;
    Decluttering is important in both residential and commercial moves

    Weather and heating in 2022

    This winter is going to be a bit snowier than others according to the Long-Range Weather Forecast for New York. According to the forecast it’ll snow above average while the temperature will be below average; well that’s just great. Snow is expected in early to mid-January, late January, and late February. You better start early since it will take a few trips and you don’t want to get into the traffic jam in NYC during holidays or snow weather. On the other hand, if you let the pros do this, it will be much easier; they can move during all types of bad weather and they can move faster. if you make a mistake you will have to move back and forth, while professional movers rarely ever do this.

    You’ll have to heat both places, your old place, and your new place. This will maybe cause a little spike in your electric and heating bills during this winter. Spies in prices of gas and other emergents are quite common so you should expect higher bills and probably moving fees. If you can monitor the weather couple of days in advance. Because navigating through the streets on a freezing and snowing day is hard. Plus imagine that you’ll have to navigate through the hallways of your new office space. Also, most buildings have elevators but you’ve heard on the news many times so far that there’ll be blackouts this winter.

    A snowy street in NYC during night;
    Commercial moving from NYC to NJ can be tricky due to harsh winter conditions.

    Commercial move from NYC to NJ- winter edition in a nutshell

    Thank you for reading this article and we hope that it helped you. These are our tips for the commercial move from NYC to NJ- winter edition.  Since winters in NYC and NJ are usually harsh and this year in particular. Because of that you should prepare yourself well or have movers to help you with the move. First of all, you should create a good moving plan and think about everything ahead. Talk with your employees if they are free so they can help you. Also, you should try not to lose your business in the process. Check the weather report and turn on the heating in both places. For extra tips and tricks visit our blog sections. Have a great move and we hope it’ll be warm this winter.

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