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The bright side of moving to New Jersey from another state is the abundance of new opportunities that await you there. Garden State will enchant you with its charms, diversity, and contrasts. Prepare in advance, so you don’t spend your new beginning burdened with various tasks. For this purpose, before anything else, make a detailed checklist. This will bring things in order and ensure a smooth relocation, leaving you enough room and time to explore New Jersey and enjoy it. Hiring movers NJ should be at the top of your list, considering you’ll want verified movers as your partners. We are committed to providing quality services to all our customers, regardless of the type and distance of the move. The above-mentioned checklist will be of great help to us. So let’s see how we can make the moving process easier.

Do some research about New Jersey and visit before the move

Take advantage of the internet age we live in, and find useful info about the neighborhood you’re moving to. Find the nearest objects of interest such as the pharmacy, gym, post office, etc. Also, check the map to locate all the crucial facilities and write down their phone numbers. This will make it easier for you to find your way around the city after moving. Even better if you can visit New Jersey before the move. The best way to get to know and experience the city is on foot. Act like a curious tourist, and visit the sights of the city such as the famous Atlantic City Boardwalk. After a visit like this, you won’t feel like a complete stranger once you move. And our Jersey City movers know the city very well, so they can help you get around in the beginning. 

Atlantic City boardwalk as perk of moving to New Jersey from another state
Try to visit New Jersey before the relocation if possible.

Prepare and sort out all necessary documentation

Moving to another state involves much more than just packing and transferring inventory. You can always entrust the logistics part of the relocation to residential moving companies NJ. However, there are also many papyrology-related tasks that you might want to do sometime before the actual move. This part can also take a lot of time, so it’s best to start as soon as possible. When moving to New Jersey, you will need to do the following:

  • Before anything else, prepare your residency proof documents. A lease or homeowners insurance policy can be used for this purpose, or bank statements and paychecks. Make sure to make multiple copies of these documents.
  • Medical records for all family members are among the first things you’ll have to prepare for the move. Visit your family doctor and gather all medication recipes and vaccinal records. 
  • Always have on you your personal documents which include your passport, ID card, driver’s license, and Social Security Card.
  • Update your new address with United State Postal Service, no earlier than 30 days before the move via their official website. 
  • Apply for the New Jersey driving license personally at the local driver’s license office. There you will take a written exam on the spot, have your eyesight checked, pay some fees, and complete the application. 
  • Also, you’ll have to reregister your car and transfer titles to New Jersey. You’ll have to get this done within 60 days at the local DMV office. 
  • Don’t forget to update your health, car, home, and any other insurance policy you might have.
  • You might want also to pre-arrange all the necessary utilities at the new address. 
  • Obtain copies and statements of your bank accounts, credit cards, etc. Also, keep sorted all contracts and proof of purchase of the property and valuable items you possess.

Set your relocation budget range

When moving to New Jersey from another state you need to do a detailed calculation of moving costs. Relocation to another state can cost between $750 and $11000, which depends on the various conditions. Whether you are moving on your own or you decide to hire interstate movers NJ, make a list of expenses. In this way, you will calculate the approximate amount needed for the move. And then it will become clearer to you what you could save on. Create a template with categories, and enter the prices of moving supplies. Add a subcategory for miscellaneous costs as well in addition to basic ones, such as parking fees, insurance, etc. Don’t forget to include the money you will need for the first few months in the new city. It wouldn’t hurt to start saving money for some time before the move either.

bills, model of the house, and hand writing on the white surface
Calculate moving to New Jersey from another state as detailed as you can.

Get help or hire professionals when moving to New Jersey from another state

You may at first feel like you’ll be able to move on your own without help. Take our word for it that you will need help at least with lifting and carrying heavy items. Not to mention the packing of the entire household and every single thing you own. And there are also cleaning and minor repairs, as well as alterations to your new home. So decide in time whether you will ask friends or hire moving companies Montclair NJ. Of course, friends will help you willingly and without a charge. However, consider that a trained and capable team will move you faster and more efficiently. In addition, all your property will be insured in the case of an accident, damage, or loss. Whatever you decide, moving will go more smoothly and stress-free if you have helpers by your side.

two women and a man at the back of the moving van
The help section must also be on your moving checklist.

Depending on the state you will have to go through certain protocols when relocating. It is best to check it on the official websites of the area you are moving to. As for moving to New Jersey from another state, our checklist contains basic guidelines. And our professional moving team is ready to make your relocation to New Jersey easier and more relaxed. 

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