Best ways to pack clothes when moving

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    We all know moving is a stressful experience. If you have ever packed your furniture for the move you will agree with this statement. However, even more difficult than preparing furniture for your relocation is determining how to pack your clothes. As a result, people always leave this task until the very last minute. Most clothes end up shoved into boxes that remain packed long after the move. But is this a good way of packing clothes? You probably have some items that are expensive and valuable. Instead of throwing them like this, you may hire a moving company to give you a hand. Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage is one such company. With all the useful tips you can get from a professional mover, you will become an expert in packing. Read more to learn about the best ways to pack clothes when moving.

    Making a good plan is one of the best ways to pack clothes when moving

    It might be a good idea to plan everything before you start packing your clothes. For a start, take everything out and start organizing your closet. If you haven’t done it before, now is the time to divide everything into three piles: keep, sell and donate. Keep only the items that you wore within the last year and that still fit you, as well as those that have sentimental value for you.  Moreover, you can donate or sell items that are still in a good condition and that you don’t need. Finally, take this opportunity to sell well-kept items that are trendy, new, or in high demand, in case you no longer wear them. Moreover, making a yard sale is another idea that will help your local movers New York pack and relocate your items quickly. Having fewer items to pack will simplify the process to a great extent.

    A young woman thinking about the best ways to pack clothes when moving
    Packing clothes for the move is not an easy thing to do. Therefore, making a good plan might solve many problems

    Sort your clothes before packing

    Not all clothes serve the same purpose or have the same value. Items can be sorted by material, season, piece, and person wearing them. The most effective method is to sort by season, because the items that you don’t wear will go to the back of the closet, and they are packed last. If you ask residential movers New York to suggest how to pack your clothes they will tell you to put them in separate boxes and put labels on them. Therefore, you will get a “winter clothes” box, as well as a “summer clothes” box, and others. As a result, you will know which items go where, and you can better organize your closet after the move. Another good idea is to pack by piece. You can put all the dresses in one box, and all the t-shirts in another. All of this will help you unpack faster and know exactly which items to put on which shelf.

    Choose the correct packing materials

    The first step in moving clothes is to purge and sort your belongings. Now that you have decided what you will bring with you, consider how you will transport these items. And not only clothes. Even when you are relocating your office your commercial movers NY can provide several options for packing materials, and they are the following:

    • Cardboard boxes– they are great for packing folded clothes
    • Wardrobe boxes– these are perfect for holding clothes with hangers, so the unpacking process goes faster
    • Suitcases and duffel bags– this is an excellent alternative to cardboard boxes, but you can pack shoes here too
    • Vacuum bags– these bags will preserve your clothes in a good way, especially large items such as jackets and coats

    Did you know that there were so many different types of bags and boxes for packing clothes? It is not easy to decide which one to use. That is why people hire professional movers to help them pack their clothes. After all, clothes are one of the most important things in the life of a modern man nowadays.

    A man putting his clothes in a box
    Choosing the right material is one of the best ways to pack clothes for the move.

    Don’t forget to fold your clothes before packing

    Many pieces of clothing don’t go on a hanger. Therefore, they need to be properly folded and placed in a box or suitcase. There are different ways for folding clothes, but whichever you decide to use, it will make the packing process much easier. Moreover, if you fold everything carefully, you can put many items in one box. Just rolling and throwing things in a box will not help you save money, as you will occupy too much space in it. Instead of wasting money on buying containers and cardboard boxes, you can ask movers NYC to NJ to help you fold all the items at once. You can try the flat fold method for folding large pieces of clothing, and the military roll method for delicate items like shirts and dresses.

    Place your items in a storage unit

    Moving is a hard process that included packing as well. For most people, packing is the most difficult aspect of any relocation. As a result, they hire professional movers or decide to place their items in a storage unit. If packing your clothes doesn’t go as smoothly as you hoped, it might be a good idea to rent storage. All the storage facilities in New Jersey are modern, well-equipped, clean, and dry. Moreover, once you take your clothes there, you don’t have to think about packing. Everything will be done by professional packers who will place all the items in a safe container. The best thing is that after you complete your relocation, you can ask your mover to transport your clothes to the new location, and help you unpack it too.

    Men working in a storage unit
    Storage units are great options for busy people and those who find packing difficult

    Pack and relocate your clothes with ease

    Do you find packing difficult? Have you already explored the best ways to pack clothes when moving? If the answer is no, you are not the only one. Many people find this task complicated and overwhelming. However, there are some tips and tricks that you can try. If you sort and declutter your clothes on time, you will reduce the packing process. Moreover, choosing the right materials, as well as folding your clothes carefully will help you simplify the procedure. Finally, just placing your items in a storage unit for some time might be a good idea too. After all, we don’t have to be experts in packing when we have plenty of benefits to use nowadays. Having a smooth relocation doesn’t have to be as impossible as it seems.

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