Benefits of living in NJ while working in NYC

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Since New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world, it is no wonder that people are living close by and commuting. It is much more affordable when you are living in NJ while working in NYC. They are well connected and if you are commuting by car, it will be easier to park in NJ when you are out of work. Still, if you decide to relocate, either for work or other reasons, be sure that you find the best movers NJ and schedule your move well ahead of time. That way you will be able to continue working even during the relocation.

Living in NJ while working in NYC – is it worth it?

The first thing people will consider when relocating for work is whether it is worth it or not. The fact is, you will accept or search for another job only if the terms are better. There is no point in moving to a worse position. If you have decided to live in NJ and work in NYC, these are some benefits:

  • It is easy to commute
  • Housing is cheaper in NJ
  • Lower taxes and cost of living
  • Nicer scenery than the concrete jungle

Commuting from NJ to NYC

The most important aspect to decide to relocate and commute is the distance and also the transportation. Before you schedule your movers Montclair NJ and move your entire home to NJ, you should know that it is worth commuting to NYC. It is easy and it will take you 30 – 60 minutes to commute to work.

Another way to get to New York is by ferry. The ferry line operates between NYC and Jersey City NJ. There are a few other stops in New Jersey – Liberty Landing Marina in Liberty State Park and Warren Street. So it is a great choice if you will relocate somewhere nearby. A one-way ferry ticket is $9.

waiting for train
Commuting will not be the issue

There is a train that connects New Jersey with NYC. You will need 30 minutes to an hour to get to work. Of course, it depends on where you live and work. The train can be cheaper than the ferry. It is only the question of what is better suited for your location. One of the best benefits of living in NJ while working in NYC is the accessibility of NJ to NYC.

Is it cheaper to rent or a buy home in NJ?

Another advantage of living in NJ while working in NYC is affordable housing in NJ. The median home value in New Jersey is from $210.000 to $400.000 (depending on the city). The median value in Manhattan is $965.000. Obviously, it is much cheaper to commute to work. Rents are also lower in NJ. When you decide to move, you should also consider using moving services NJ. It is always a better option to get a local moving company, with the necessary experience.

Jersey City
New Jersey has a lot to offer

What taxes do you need to pay when you live in NJ while working in NYC?

This is an important question that usually people ask before their relocation. Although you need to file in both states, you don’t have to pay both taxes. If you are commuting to NYC, your employer will have to report your wages to New Jersey. When you are living in New Jersey while working in New York City you will receive a tax credit on the New Jersey return for paid NYC taxes. This tax credit allows you to avoid paying double taxes.

It is a little complicated, but it is working. Just be sure that you check and double-check your options and obligations. The downside is that NJ has higher property taxes than NYC. Consider this when you are looking for a new home. In case you are downsizing with your new house, you could always rent a storage Jersey City NJ and keep safe some of your belongings. Make a budget and place everything on the paper and see the bottom line.

It can be good to live outside a concrete jungle

Living in NJ allows you to enjoy much nicer surroundings than in the crowded NYC. This is especially important for anybody with children and family. You will be able to get a larger living space in a bit calmer surroundings. The education system is good in NJ and there are great public schools, as well. You will find everything you need there and you can organize your relocation without any stress. Even if you are using piano movers New Jersey and have a lot of bulky furniture, you won’t have to worry about parking. Living in NJ will save you a lot of rush hour and NYC traffic. The relocation itself will also be much easier to organize.

country home
Living in NJ while working in NYC can be very beneficial

It is estimated that around 320.000 commute daily. Because of New Jersey’s convenient location and its closeness to other major cities – moving here is a great choice. New Jersey is beautiful and it has wonderful nature. For all those people who enjoy spending time outside, NJ will be a perfect place to live. It offers a lot of places for different outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hiking, skiing, and much more. Also, New Jersey has an attractive coastline with amazing beaches. It is definitely worth to be living in NJ while working in New York City.

Living in New Jersey and commuting to NYC

In the end, if you want to buy a less expensive home or pay lower rent while working in NYC – New Jersey is the right city for you. If you don’t mind commuting to work every day, you could potentially save some money. Living in NJ while working in NYC is appealing to many people, you simply should decide if it is the right fit for you.

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