A guide to unpacking breakables after your NJ move

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    You have finished relocation from New Jersey thanks to moving companies NJ and you are ready to unpack. Unpacking should always be easier than packing, especially when there’s no deadline waiting ahead for you. However, sometimes it can consume even more of your free time. This mostly applies to unpacking breakables after your NJ move. Unpacking should be done in a predetermined order to save time and energy. To expedite the unpacking process, unpack one room at a time, focusing on the absolute necessities first, removing packing items as you go, and involving everyone in the process. You should leave fragile items for the end and store them in a safe place while you unpack everything else.

    Make unpacking breakables after your NJ move easier by packing properly

    Take the time to carefully pack fragile and delicate goods using various packing materials such as cushioning and bubble wrap before your move. Items inside the boxes may shift and move somewhat during the relocation procedure. This can easily happen if the boxes are bigger and the items have a lot of space for moving inside. Even if you move interstate, with interstate movers NJ there won’t be any problems. Nevertheless, you’ll want to be careful when packing these belongings for two reasons. The first reason is obvious-you don’t want them to break. The other reason is unpacking breakables after your move. You need to plan to make that process easier and not expose yourself to an additional stressful situation.

    A man labeling a box
    Make sure to label the boxes for unpacking breakables after your NJ move

    Label your boxes carefully before the relocation. Write the name of breakable items that should be unpacked after your move, but also write the room in which they belong. This will help Jersey City movers because they will immediately know where to put those boxes. It will also spare you a few valuable hours when you start unpacking after the move.

    We recommend labeling your paper-wrapped fragiles, like tableware or little breakable ornaments, even if it sounds like a lot of work. Nothing is more aggravating than looking for a specific breakable and having to spend half an hour painstakingly unwrapping dozens of paper-wrapped packets to discover the one you want. When it comes to carefully unpacking wrapped breakables, a fat Sharpie marker or a piece of color-coded tape can make all the difference.

    Make sure the breakable items are in the right rooms

    The first thing you should do is arrange all of your moving boxes and place them in the room where you wish to unpack them. If you haven’t already, do it right now. Begin by reorganizing your boxes by room. Kitchen boxes should be stacked near the kitchen, and bedroom boxes should be dragged into your new bedroom, and so on. Now comes the fun part: finding everything you need during the unpacking process at just the right time. It will save you time because you will not have to shift stuff from one room to another individually while you unpack.

    Also, be certain that you will be able to store fragile and sensitive goods where they belong. If there is anything else you need to do to prepare the area where these goods will go, such as cleaning out kitchen cupboards before unpacking breakables such as drinking glasses, or making a hole in the wall for a painting or a mirror-do it first. If you are still uncertain about organizing some items, you can always find home decor ideas on Pinterest.

    Organized kitchen shelves with glasses, bottles and plates
    Organize your kitchen breakables first

    Unpack breakables from the kitchen first

    Put the kitchen things away after unpacking them. If you’ve labeled the boxes correctly, you should be able to find what you’re looking for quickly. Especially if you moved to Montclair and hired moving companies Montclair NJ staff because they can surely help you with the process. It’s a good idea to line the kitchen cabinets and cupboards first if you have the time. If you don’t have time to finish the kitchen, only unpack the items you’ll need, such as pots and pans.

    However, it’s good to unpack breakables that belong in the kitchen as well. That way you won’t move them around while connecting all of your big appliances, as well as any little items that will make your life easier, such as the coffee maker and toaster. After the rest of the house has been unloaded, you can focus on completely organizing the kitchen.

    Not damaging your breakables while unpacking is possible

    It may seem like a mission impossible not to break anything while unpacking breakables after your NJ move. Fortunately, if you follow these instructions, it is not only possible but pretty easy as well. To complete the first step, you will need:

    • clear space
    • towel or a blanket (if you drop an item while unpacking breakables)
    • scissors or a  box cutter

    Carefully open the packaging. If you’re cutting the packing tape with scissors or a box cutter, don’t press it into the box. Check that the tape has been cut down the middle seam and sides of the top to make the box easy to open. Get rid of any extra padding. Remove any extra padding from the top and set it aside. You can reuse an empty moving box by filling it with cushioning and then recycling it.

    Man opening a cardboard box with a box cutter
    Don’t press too hard when you use a box cutter or scissors

    Remove each item from the box one by one. Maintain a clean and clutter-free unpacking space. It’s tempting to quickly open the box and pull everything out at once, but this can lead to mishaps. After that, remove the bubble wrap with care, then remove the object from the bubble wrap. Place the object in the cabinet, display case, bookshelf, or wherever else it belongs.

    Repeat the procedure until all of the items have been unpacked and placed in their proper places. Move on to the next box after that. Allow someone to unpack fragile and delicate objects and then hand them to you to put away to speed up the process.

    Enjoy your new home after unpacking breakables

    With the help of residential moving companies NJ has, your relocation can be over easily. By using this guide on unpacking breakables after your NJ move you will unpack your things and organize everything in your home in no time. And after you are done you can relax and enjoy yourself in your new home without any worries.

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