8 Winter packing tips for moving homes in NYC

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    Packing your belongings when relocating requires a detailed plan and active participation. How you are going to pack everything, depends on whether your items are valuable, fragile, their size, and weight. During winter, you will worry a little bit more because of the cold water, moisture, water, etc. If you were planning to use regular cardboard boxes, stop right there! Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage is here to show you the best winter packing tips. There are a lot of things to consider, and investing a little bit more money is always worth it.

    The bad winter weather can damage your belongings

    A lot of residential movers in New York are willing to help you relocate your belongings whenever you want. If you are packing by yourself, there are some things to keep in mind, and that is the weather. Winter weather is unpredictable and you never know when it is going to rain or snow, which can slow down your relocation process. Apart from this, your belongings will be in boxes for a certain time and they need to be protected fully. Maybe you didn’t know this, but glassware and ceramic dishes are prone to damages during extremely cold weather. If you want to keep them safe, you will need to wrap them carefully so the cold temperature doesn’t reach them.

    A couple packing their dishes according to winter packing tips
    Invest in quality packing material when relocating your home, especially if you have valuable items.

    Take care of your electronics when relocating

    Speaking of valuable belongings and winter packing tips, electronics are extremely important. If you will be relocating your entire business as well, a lot of commercial movers NY has are here to assist you at all times. If you have a computer, laptop, electronic gadget you want to relocate as well, take care of them properly. Store them in boxes, and wrap them in a blanket or thicker wrapping paper. You never know if there will be bumps on the road, and you don’t want them damaged slightly. It would be better if you have their original boxes, if not, use the ones in similar size.

    Use high-quality packing material resistant to water

    If you hire reliable and experienced local movers New York offers, you will not have to worry about transportation. They will safely load the moving truck and transport them to your new home. It is up to you to pack all of the items and get them ready for transport. Because of the bad weather, snow, rain, we do not recommend cardboard boxes. They are very sensitive to water, and if they do get in contact, they can break easily and damage your belongings inside. Invest money into packing material and choose plastic packing boxes or containers. They are great since they provide maximum protection. When you close the lid, you will not worry about water going inside, and if they do get in contact, nothing will happen to them.

    A moving company worker in front of his van
    Choose a reliable and experienced mover that will secure your relocating and provide useful winter packing tips.

    Pack your summer items first and check on the weather daily

    If you are struggling with how to pack for your relocation, start with the things you are not using. Since it is winter, pack all your summer items and the ones you are not using in this season. Check on the weather daily until the very last day. The weather can be tricky, and you don’t want to pack your winter jacket thinking it will be just chilly, and then regret it. Leave some of the items for the last few days and then pack them accordingly. Don’t rush and create a plan in advance.

    Clear your driveway to prevent any accidents

    If you hired movers NYC to NJ, you will have to ensure that they have a clear path to your home door. They will be loading the moving van and they have to park and get as closest they can. If it snowed for a few days, you have to shovel the snow and clean everything before the movers arrive. The snow can delay your moving process especially if they have to deal with layers of snow or they get stuck. Moreover, make sure that the street is not slippery or frosty. The worst thing that can happen is someone getting hurt or breaking your belongings. To ensure that accidents do not happen, follow these steps and help out your movers a little bit.

    Be quick when unloading boxes into the van

    When the movers arrive at your home, try to be as efficient as you can. Keep in mind that you need to speed up the entire loading process. Due to bad weather and low temperatures, don’t let your movers stand outside for a long time. The same as with the boxes. Don’t put them outside and then go and get more boxes. If your belongings stay in the cold for a certain time, they will get damaged for sure. Open the door of the van, and load the boxes as fast as you can, of course carefully.

    A person standing outside on a snowy day
    Help out your movers by clearing out the driveway if it is a snowy day.

    Pack warm blankets and clothes in an essentials bag

    We assume that your utilities are set in your new home and that you will have heating as soon as you move in. It is better to be sure and not risk it, so pack a few farm blankets for the first few days there. There is nothing worse than arriving at a cold house and you have to look through dozens of boxes to find a blanket. It is better to be prepared than to regret it afterward. The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable in your new house.

    The last of the winter packing tips – Be flexible for unexpected changes

    If your new job or school is waiting for you, don’t schedule your relocation one day before. Be flexible and open to changes, because you never know what may happen. First of all, the weather is unpredictable and sometimes you will have to postpone your relocation for another day. Talk to the movers and ask for their advice. They are the ones who will be driving and transporting your belongings. Don’t risk, be cautious and follow our winter packing tips.

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