7 things you should do right after moving in

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Once you’ve finally finished moving and seen off your movers, the adjustment phase begins. You have to get used to your new home and adapt it so that you feel comfy and safe in it. Before you get back to your everyday routine, there are some things you should do right after moving in. You may need a storage unit during this phase, so don’t hesitate to call professionals such as Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage. A reliable moving company will be able to provide you with short-term storage units, where you can keep your inventory until you finish altering your new home.

1. Complete an inspection of your house

Before you start unpacking, give the house another thorough inspection. Check the installations, pipes, heating, and air conditioning, and in case of problems contact your real estate agent immediately. Report anything that is not as agreed and if you think you have been harmed or deprived in any way. The seller or landlord will probably do all the repairs before the sale but check anyway. Turn on the utilities and make sure everything is in order and working properly. And while you’re at it, check where the water shut-off valve and power panel are, and whether they are correct. As soon as your residential movers New York leave the place, take a tour of your new home.

People doing home inspection as it is one of the things you should do right after moving in
Check if all utilities and amenities are functioning correctly.

2. Thorough cleaning of your new home is a must-do

After you complete your home inspection, it’s time to clean it up. Nobody likes this part, but it is necessary, so you better roll up your sleeves. A study conducted by cleaninginstitute.org found that only 77% of respondents do spring cleaning. And 24% believe they are not doing it right. Right after your local movers New York has finished bringing in the items devote yourself to cleaning the place. To make sure everything is clean and safe to use, you’ll need to do a thorough cleaning. Determine priority rooms and order of cleaning, and split the work with family members. 

Start cleaning from top to floor, cobweb from ceiling corners, dust off the top of the cabinets and ceiling lights, etc. These are the places that are cleaned the least often and are always the dustiest. Disinfect the bathroom and the kitchen first, and only then devote yourself to making them spotless. Don’t forget to wipe down all the drawers, and shelves, and clean the fridge, washing machine, electric stove, etc. Leave the windows and floors for the last, and then you can finally start unpacking. 

3. Change the locks and set the security system

One of the crucial things you should do after moving in is to secure your home. The thought that only you have the keys to your place will bring you peace of mind. For the same reason, consider installing a security system on your new property. Especially if your home is located in an area with a high crime rate. If you’re not sure which system is right for you, inquire with some of the best security companies in order to feel safe in your new home.

surveillance camera on the wall
One of the things you should do right after moving in is to install a surveillance system.

4. Baby-proof and pet-proof your new home

Now that you’ve secured your home and set the alarm, it’s time to secure your home from the inside, too. If you have children or you have a new baby coming soon, it’s the right moment to child-proof a staircase, sharp edges of furniture, etc. To start, designate a temporary zone for children/pets, where they will stay while you deal with repairs and unpacking. Make sure to close the windows, cover the power outlets, and coil all the cords. Remove chairs, boxes, and other objects that children can climb on. That way you will be sure that there will be no falls or injuries of any kind. Also, place a gate on the staircase, just in case they leave the room. Furthermore, keep all tools, cleaners, and anything that could hurt them out of their reach and locked away. 

5. Update your address and notify friends, family, and coworkers

Most people complete this step before moving to avoid piling up moving tasks. However, if you skipped it now is the time to change your mailing address. You can do this online via the website of the United States Postal Office or in person at your local post office. Please note that there may be a temporary mail delay at first. So it would be wise to notify your banker, lenders, and service providers who directly issue a bill to your home address. Change your address as soon as possible, especially if you are hiring commercial movers NY to relocate your private business to avoid downtime and losses. At the same time inform your friends and family, by sending them a circular letter, for example. 

blue and white e-mail logo
Inform your colleagues, friends, and family about the recent change of your address.

6. Recycling is among the things you should do right after moving in

Last but not least among the things you should do right after moving in is recycling. After the move, there will be a lot of cardboard boxes, plastic bins, wrappers, paper, and other materials left behind. You can recycle them in different ways:

  • Keep and reuse your plastic containers for storing seasonal clothes, Christmas decorations, collectibles, etc. These bins are sturdy and have lids with locks, so everything you store in them will be protected from moisture, dust, and pests.
  • You can also use cardboard boxes for storing household items. And you can also reuse them to make a castle or a rocket when you play with the kids. You can use them to make compost for your garden, as well. And you can always donate them or return them to your movers. 
  • Find and visit the nearest recycling center in your area and hand in any leftover moving supplies. This primarily applies to plastic, but you can also recycle glass, metal, paper, and other materials.

7. Host a party and meet your neighbors

Throwing a party is the perfect closure of the move, once your movers NYC to NJ finally finish your relocation. But also, it’s one of the things you should do right after moving in cause it’s the perfect chance to meet your new neighbors once you finally move in. Place an invitation to the party in the lobby of the building or deliver individual invitations to their mailboxes. Keep it simple and welcome your guests with snacks and beverages. No one really expects you to arrange a grandiose dinner party. Instead, pizza, beer, and sodas will do the trick. However, take into account that there are vegans among your new neighbors, so act accordingly.

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