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    People are usually moving for similar motives; they are searching either for a new job or for school or they are moving for family reasons. Whatever reason pushes you to move or think about moving, you should think well before you make a decision. Especially when it comes to selecting the place where you want to move. In the following article, Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage will show you what are the main reasons to move to Montclair NJ. Read and see whether this popular township in New Jersey looks appealing to you.

    Montclair is one of the best NYC suburbs

    Montclair is a township in New Jersey located in Essex County. It has a population of 38,634 and it is considered one of the best places to live in the state of New Jersey. It is a fairly small place that offers a combination of urban and suburban atmosphere, a bunch of great restaurants, coffee bars, shops, and parks. Montclair is also home to a number of highly rated public and private schools, which is why many young families tend to move here after they get children.

    looking at NYC
    Montclair is very close to NYC

    It has low crime rates and fairly cheap real estate prices, at least compared to nearby New York City. Montclair is also home to many young professionals. Overall, the place tends to be liberal with some very friendly and welcoming neighborhoods. But before you start searching for movers moving services NJ, let’s take a look at what are the main reasons to move to Montclair NJ.

    • Close to Manhattan
    • High average income
    • Affordable housing
    • Low cost of living
    • Great public schools

    Montclair is 12 miles from Manhattan

    Closeness to Manhattan has to be one of the main reasons people move to Montclair NJ. In fact, Montclair is located only 12 miles west of Manhattan. A distance of 12 miles, however, even though it sounds short in some cases can be difficult to cross. Luckily, in this case, you will have no trouble traveling from Manhattan to Montclair. But, before you decide to book movers Montclair NJ, take a look at traveling options just to make sure that you are all right with this:

    • Train – New York Penn Station to Watchung Avenue – 40 minutes – $2 – $10
    • Bus – Port Authority Bus Terminal to Watchung Plaza – 47 minutes – $3 – $9
    • Taxi – Manhattan to Montclair – 22 minutes – $95 – $120
    • Car – Manhattan to Montclair – 22 minutes – $2 – $4

    Live on Manhattan paycheck – spend your money in Montclair

    Closeness to Manhattan is great, but what is the real advantage here? The real advantage is that you can work in Manhattan, have a well-paid job, and live in a much more affordable place. The average household income in Montclair is $134,308 almost double the national average. That is why so many people look to move here in recent years.

    riding in a taxi
    Many people decide to keep their Manhattan jobs but spend their money in Montclair

    Compared to NYC, Montclair has pretty affordable housing options

    When it comes to housing, compared to the rest of the country, Montclair is definitely expensive. However, when we compare Montclair to NYC, especially Manhattan, it is clear that moving to Montclair is a financially reasonable decision. For example, the median home value in Manhattan is $1.4M, in Brooklyn $842,000, and in Queens $575,000. On the other hand, a single-family home in Montclair can be purchased for somewhere in the range of $550,000 to $750,000. Of course, depending on many factors, like size, location, and condition.

    When it comes to condos in Montclair, they can be purchased for as low as $200,000. When it comes to rents, in Montclair the average rent is $2,300 which is almost half of the average rent in Manhattan which is around $4,000. So even if you possess specialty items there is no reason to hesitate and wonder how to relocate here. Hire piano movers New Jersey and replace Manhattan apartments with spacy Montclair houses.

    Living in Montclair is 40% cheaper than living in NYC

    Compared to NYC, Montclair is a very affordable place to live. For example, the average living cost in NYC for a single person is $3563. On the other hand, in Montclair, you can have the same standard of living for as low as $1982. Bear in mind that you are living on a Manhattan paycheck. For a family of four in Manhattan, you will need, $7275. In Montclair, you will not need more than $5000. Overall, living in Montclair is 40 % cheaper than living in New York City.

    grocery store
    Living in NYC is 40% more expensive than in Montclair

    Wide range of quality schooling options

    We mentioned already that Montclair is a great place for families. Not only because it is a much safer place than New York City, but also because of the great education options. There are many great private and public schools in Montclair. And we are sure that you will have no problems finding the perfect one for your kids. Here are the best schools in Montclair:

    • Hillside Elementary School
    • Watchung School
    • Edgemont Elementary School
    • Charles H Bullock School
    • Cassian School
    • Nishuane Elementary School
    • Immaculate Conception High School
    • Bradford Elementary School
    • Montclair Cooperative School
    • Glenfield Middle School

    Rent a home in Montclair if you are not sure whether to move here permanently

    Those are the 5 reasons to move to Montclair NJ. If you are still not sure whether moving to Montclair is a good option, we suggest that you rent a place in Montclair, call some good movers from New Jersey, and rent some trusted storage Jersey City NJ that will keep your belongings until you decide whether to make this move permanent. That way you will be able to explore Montclair a little bit and decide if it is the right place for you.

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