5 essential tips before moving to New Jersey

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So you’ve decided to move to New Jersey and that’s probably the best thing you can do in 2022. and we at Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage would like to help you out with this task. We’ll share with you 5 essential tips before moving to New Jersey. So let’s dive in and see what should you know about New Jersey!

Neighborhoods to explore before moving to New Jersey

Now if you’re a family person you should consider moving to Jersey City. This is a multicultural city with a variety of residential choices.  Jersey City also offers more affordable rental alternatives, convenient transportation, and several highly regarded public schools.  On the contrary, if you would prefer a place with a small-town vibe you should check out Bloomfield NJ. It also has a lot of parks (like Brookside Park) and green areas and also the median Home Price is $587.5K. As many movers Bloomfield NJ will tell you the place is near NYC and it’s much cheaper than the City of New York itself. Livingston in Essex County is yet another diverse place with some of the lowest crime rates and the best restaurants.

New Jersey during a sunset;
The first essential tip before moving to New Jersey is to check all the neighborhoods.

Bridgewater in Somerset County is a great neighborhood with over 500 companies, so if you’re a young professional go get them, tiger. The median home price is $560K but it’s a bit further away from NYC. And if you need any help moving companies Secaucus NJ will be glad to escort you to another great place. Secaucus is rated as the best place to raise a family in Hudson county. With the median house price of $473,600 and rent of $1,907. Secaucus has some of the best nightlife vibes, it’s quite diverse but it’s also good for families; because it’s near both NYC and Jersey City plus it has some of the best public schools in its vicinity.

Check the cost of living before moving to New Jersey

After checking the real estate and renting prices, you should know that cost of living in New Jersey is 15% higher than the US average. Housing is more expensive than other things by a whopping 38%. Food, clothes, and other necessities are only 7% more expensive than the US national average so that’s not that much. While dental and other medical prices are 2% lower than the national average.  Now entertainment such as cinemas, theaters, and other grooming services are 7% higher than the US average.  Furthermore, utilities and transportation are only 4% higher than the US national average. After you learn everything you need to know about New Jersey hire long distance moving companies NJ. They will help you with packing and other moving-related tasks. 

 Yet one more essential tip before moving to New Jersey is to declutter properly

Before you start moving declutter and sell or donate some of your old things. If you don’t know any methods you can use a simple 20/20 rule; if the value of something is under $20 give it away or throw it away. Another popular method is 1-year-rule if you haven’t used an item for a year, throw it away or donate it. There is also a simple seven-box method by which you’ll separate your items into some of these six categories or boxes:

  • Repair
  • Donate
  • Keep
  • Throw away
  • Recycle
  • Sell
  • Store
A bag and a phone on it;
Recycling is better than throwing away items.

If you have time you can sell all of your items for profit or donate them to people in need. This is especially true for food if you have any cans donate them to a local food bank or some other charity organization. Now storage Jersey City NJ will provide you with a place for your extra stuff which won’t fit into any other category. This is especially important if you’re downsizing. Yet another way to earn money is to recycle plus this way you’ll help the environment! Repairing and throwing away leave as the final two options, since you’ll probably re-think if you want to throw away or repair some of your old things.

Find the best moving company out there

Nowadays in the vast space of the Internet, you can find a lot of moving companies online. Not all of these companies are reliable not they’re all as good as they claim. Thus you can use word of mouth as the best choice or read a lot of our reviews and be careful. Check the name, and date, and read the reviews to be sure that it’s not written by an algorithm.  Years of experience, a nice website, and recommendations are the best friends that you have right now. Find only the best moving services NJ has to offer and relocate to this amazing state with ease.

Last but not least essential tip before moving to New Jersey is to contact the utilities

Yes, this is something that a lot of people forget. Before you relocate to New Jersey you should call your utility company to cancel all utilities in your previous home and activate them on the day of your arrival in your new place. Just imagine if you get home and there is no power or hot weather, so you can’t take a bath. Just don’t forget to call or forward an email. Plus don’t forget to change all the billing addresses and addresses of any subscriptions if you have any.

A man fixing a power line and thinking about essential tips before moving to New Jersey;
Don’t forget to cancel your electricity or you might end up paying two bills next month.

5 essential tips before moving to New Jersey in a nutshell

So let’s make a quick recap. First of all, check which neighborhoods suit you the best so do the homework and be careful.  While doing so check the cost of living as well. Declutter and get rid of all the things before the professional movers come to pack you. Meanwhile, you’re decluttering finding the best moving company, and finally sending an email to cancel and active utilities and subscriptions. Those were 5 essential tips before moving to New Jersey. Thank you for reading and we hope that you’ll have an easy stress-free move.

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